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Tia Wilson, sickle cell warrior

The Versiti Story

Versiti unifies us – and our focus on unlocking the healing potential of blood.

Versiti is a fusion of donors, scientific curiosity, and precision medicine that recognize the gifts of blood and life are precious.


Eye Opening Statistics on Blood and Transplant Needs

We are unifying our strengths, services and commitment to our communities under the name Versiti, originally established in 2014.  As four community blood centers with histories that go back over 75 years, we are strong. 

As Versiti we are stronger.

Versiti was founded with the belief that together, our blood centers can better serve people’s urgent need for life-saving healthcare. That we can strengthen and restore the health of our communities while conducting groundbreaking research. That we can integrate scientific innovation, medicine, and service in ways that no other blood health organization can match.

We’re driven by the urgency of our work and inspired by the generosity of the people we rely on for life-saving donations. We have the privilege to safeguard these gifts and ensure they go where the need is greatest, in our communities and beyond––and our hospital and healthcare partners across the nation rely on the speed, safety, and availability of these gifts.

Versiti Mission

Our people are driven by a relentless curiosity. As the home of the world-renowned Blood Research Institute, we attract leading blood health researchers from around the world who are passionate about advancing personalized medicine. We conduct focused research in areas like cellular therapies, oncology, and genomics, to make a difference in the lives of people through the healing potential of blood.


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