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Mariah Roberts and her dad Chris.

The Gift of Life

You help to improve the lives of patients in our communities and around the world.

Support Lifesaving Research

Your financial gift supports Versiti Blood Research Institute investigators as they research better treatments and cures for blood diseases.

At Versiti Blood Research Institute, our investigators work to gain a better understanding of blood diseases, including cancer, and how they can effectively be treated with minimal negative consequences.

Individualized medical therapies, like stem cell and cell therapy treatments, allow alternatives for cancer patients who potentially can void the harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Your philanthropic donation supports research to:

  • Understand why some patients with COVID-19 develop severe blood clots
  • Develop new, less toxic therapies for diseases like leukemia
  • Study the impact of sickle cell disease on patients
  • Improve immune responses and develop better vaccines and therapies
  • Understand how the nervous system regulates blood cell production

Support us on the path for cures to all blood diseases. Together, we can save lives.

Taylor Babec

“Every time you donate, you are potentially saving a life, a life like mine." says Taylor.

Taylor Babec

When she was a young child, Taylor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As part of her treatment to beat cancer, she received 22 blood transfusions to help her body recover from grueling chemotherapy. After three years of treatment, Taylor was declared cancer-free.

As a childhood cancer survivor, Taylor grew up happy and healthy and even played on her high school volleyball team. She and her family organize community blood drives and highlight how blood donors save the lives of patients in our communities.

Contact Us

Kelley McCaskill

Vice President, Philanthropy
Phone: 414-937-6229 Email: kcmccaskill@Versiti.org

Foundation Office

Financial donations or questions
Phone: 414-937-6799 Email: DOleniczak@Versiti.org

Featured Patient Stories

Isaac Walker, Leukemia patient and future cancer researcher.

Isaac Walker

Isaac was 2 years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia and received a lifesaving bone marrow transplant that saved his life.

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Mariah Roberts and her dad Chris.

Mariah Roberts

Mariah was diagnosed with sickle cell disease when she was 3 days old and receives blood transfusions to help manage her pain.

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Tia Wilson, sickel cell warrior.

Tia Wilson

Tia's family have been deeply affected by sickle cell disease, her health improved due to the generosity of blood donors.

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