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Kaila is an account representative from Michigan who works with community groups to host blood drives.

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Get to know the people who make our lifesaving mission possible.

Careers at Versiti

Meet the Versiti Team

Versiti is committed to supporting diverse, inclusive teams that work together to support our mission. From phlebotomists to IT professionals, call center reps to lab workers, and many more, these talented individuals make it possible to save more lives in the communities we serve.

Kaila DiNallo
Account Representative

Kaila is an account representative from Michigan who works with community groups to host blood drives. She enjoys working with people who are committed to saving lives through the priceless gift of blood donation. “I feel that a beacon of hope lies a little differently in all of us. But we’re all in it for this common goal—this common mission,” she says.

Kenesha Williamson
Senior Donor Specialist

Kenesha is a senior donor specialist in Wisconsin and is often the first face blood donors see when they donate. She is passionate about her job and loves meeting blood donors at mobile drives. “It’s amazing to meet new people,” she says. “A smile goes a long way, and a positive attitude sets the tone for everything.”

Brian Wrecke
Donor Services Supervisor

Brian had changed jobs frequently in the past and was looking for an organization where he could grow. He began his career at Versiti as a phlebotomist, later working as a driver, team lead and now donor services supervisor. “Without coming to Versiti, I’m not sure where my career path would’ve taken me,” he says. “The amount of work we do here is considerable, but it’s also fulfilling.”

Denise Sanchez
Contact Center Representative

Denise loves talking to people. As a contact center representative, she connects with blood donors to encourage them to donate blood to patients in need. “My uncle had cancer and needed platelets every week,” she says. “I have a greater appreciation for those who come out to donate. Somebody helped save my uncle’s life; whoever it was, I thank them personally.”

Courtney Bryden
Organ Procurement Coordinator

Courtney is an organ procurement coordinator for Versiti Organ and Tissue and has always dreamt about a career that helps people. “I facilitate organ donation at hospitals,” she says. “We come in and support families during a difficult time … Their strength and passion for donation, even amidst their horrible situation, is emotional and incredible to see.”


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