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Advocating for Diversity in Donation

More donors – of all ethnic backgrounds – save more lives.

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Versiti advocates for diversity in blood, organ and tissue, and bone marrow and stem cell donations.

We save more lives by cultivating an environment of diversity, inclusion and sustainability for our employees and donors.

Mission Statement

Enhancing lives through education, engagement, and the cultivation of cultural learning through the appreciation of diverse talent and donors across our Versiti footprint (blood, bone marrow and stem cell, and organ and tissue).​​


Versiti is a leading multicultural organization as a result of integrating perspectives from ethnically diverse employees and community partners. Our commitment to saving more lives results in an inclusive donor base that helps sustain the supply of blood, bone marrow and stem cells, and organ and tissue products to better serve ethnically diverse patients.​

Representation matters. Oftentimes, patients experience the best outcomes when they receive lifesaving donations from individuals of similar ethnic backgrounds. Increasing these numbers helps us provide a better quality of life for patients of all races and ethnicities and may be the difference between life and death for a patient in need.

Versiti is proud to commemorate Donate Life Month (April), Minority Organ Donor Awareness Month (August), Sickle Cell Awareness Month (September) and other celebrations of minority donors throughout the year.

Spread the Word and Save Lives

Diverse Blood Donation Badges

Click on any of the badges below to download a large version that can be shared with friends and family.

National Arab American Heritage Month Badge
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Badge
Global Diversity Awareness Month Badge
A Celebration of Freedom, Juneteenth Badge
LGTBQ+ History Month Badge
National Hispanic Heritage Month
Native American Heritage Month Badge
World Sickle Cell Day Badge
National Sickle Cell Awareness Month
Universal Human Rights Month
LGBTQ+ Pride Month Badge
National Minority Health Month Badge

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