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Eligibility Questions

Program Questions

  • How are donors contacted?

    When contacting expectant mothers, Versiti donation specialists have access to only the patient’s name, phone number and scheduled surgery date. More information will not be gathered unless informed consent for placenta donation is obtained.

  • Is placenta donation safe for the mother and baby?

    There are no risks to mother or baby for a mother who chooses to donate her placenta. For eligible mothers who consent to the program, the placenta is collected following the safe birth of your baby. The safety of the mother and her baby are always our first priority.

  • What if I don’t want to donate?

    The Versiti donation specialist will thank you for your time and end the conversation.

  • What is donated placenta used for?

    Our partner, MTF Biologics, uses donated placental tissue to develop wound care applications for patients in need of allografts.

  • Will I be paid for donating my placenta?

    Donor moms will receive a token of thanks from Versiti in recognition of your life-saving gift including a ‘Beacon Baby’ onesie to recognize the impact your donation can have on others. However, donors are not compensated or charged in any way for the donation of their placenta. The benefit to the mother is knowing that you are helping a patient in need.


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