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TxMD™ Transfusion Medicine Resources

Educational materials for healthcare professionals about transfusion and patient blood management.

Blood and Blood Components

Patient Blood Management

Patient Blood Management, also known as PBM, is an evidenced-based, multidisciplinary approach that involves various treatment options to boost and conserve a patient’s own blood. Use of PBM strategies before and during the patient’s hospital course can result in fewer transfusions and avoidance of transfusion-associated risks. Our Blood Management philosophy helps to conserve blood for those patients who truly need it for their care, and results in improved patient outcomes and reduction in costs.

TxMD™ Transfusion Medicine Program

TxMD™ is our enhanced transfusion medicine solutions program, with an overreaching goal to provide the right blood product to the right patient at the right time. With support from dedicated, specially trained personnel, the TxMD™ program is a collaborative partnership between a Versiti blood center and the hospital to deliver sustained change through education, visible metrics and local presence.

Elements of the program include medical direction from a transfusion medicine-trained Versiti physician, support from one of our transfusion safety officers, continuous improvement services, and implementation of proprietary key performance indicators (KPIs) viewed through the TxMD™ blood management application. TxMD™ is designed to deliver 15-25% reductions in blood utilization over a 3-5 year period.

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Blood & Blood Components

Our blood centers offer an unparalleled range of blood products and services.

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View other educational opportunities in blood banking and transfusion medicine.

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View regional forms, donor consent forms, hospital services, specialty products and more.

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