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Educational materials for healthcare professionals about transfusion and patient blood management.

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Patient Blood Management

Patient Blood Management (PBM) is an evidenced-based, multidisciplinary approach of various strategies and management during the entire continuum of care for a patient who may need a transfusion. The primary aims of PBM are to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes by reducing the need for transfusion and appropriately managing the patient’s own blood.  In an increasingly complex healthcare environment, Versiti is committed to working together with our hospital partners to support PBM efforts. Our goal is to assure the right blood product, to the right patient, at the right time, for the right reason. 

TxMD™ Transfusion Medicine Program

TxMD™ program is a collaborative partnership between Versiti and the hospital.  Through support from dedicated, specially trained personnel, our team identifies innovative solutions to enhance patient safety and establish evidence-based transfusion medicine at client hospitals. We strive to enhance the knowledge of all healthcare staff throughout our service area who are involved with blood transfusion and related activities.  Two levels are offered: (1) support service to all Versiti blood services clients and (2) a TxMD™ customized program for contracted partners.  The TxMD™ program offers on-site expertise, education, meaningful metrics and guidance to deliver sustained change in transfusion practice.  Our focus for both service levels is to deliver appropriate, timely educational materials and tools to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and advance quality of care. 

Guidelines and Resources

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Blood & Blood Components

Our blood centers offer an unparalleled range of blood products and services.

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View other educational opportunities in blood banking and transfusion medicine.

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View regional forms, donor consent forms, hospital services, specialty products and more.

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