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Versiti Diagnostic Labs is proud to offer one of the largest diagnostic menus to diagnose hemophilia.

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Clinical expertise and laboratory innovation.

Versiti Diagnostic Labs is proud to offer one of the largest diagnostic menus to accurately and confidently diagnose hemophilia.

A bleeding disorder characterized by low levels of clotting factor proteins, the correct diagnosis of hemophilia is essential to providing effective treatment. 

Factor VIII Chromogenic Launch - Marcus Webber featured patient

Factor VIII Chromogenic

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Our Factor VIII Activity via chromogenic method (all-bovine reagent) is recommended for measuring endogenous or infused factor VIII activity, and is not affected by the presence of emicizumab-kxwh.

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  • Overview

    Hemophilia is an X-linked inherited bleeding disorder caused by mutation of the F8 or F9 gene Genetic analysis is useful for identification of the underlying genetic defect in males with severe, moderate or mild hemophilia and for determination of carrier status in the female individuals within their families.

  • Approach

    Two algorithms for targeted diagnosis

    BloodCenter of Wisconsin provides a comprehensive menu of diagnostic tests for persons with hemophilia. This menu includes factor activity tests, factor inhibitor testing and comprehensive genetic testing.


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