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New Antigen Application

Please complete the form below and submit it to be reviewed by the new antigen submission committee.

Antigen Submission Form

Submission Questions

Brian Curtis, PhD

Contact us via email, or phone using the links below.
Email 414-937-6087

HPA Database New Antigen Submission Form

The Human Platelet Antigen Database is maintained by Versiti Laboratories under the oversight of Brian Curtis, PhD, D(ABMLI), MT(ASCP) SBB.

Please review database for all currently know Human Platelet Antigens. Submit any newly discovered antigens via the form below and they will be reviewed.

Please enter your contact information and Antigen specific information below. Upon submission your review will be validated by the HPA Database committee and you will be contacted for further information.

Antigen Submission Information

Confirmation labs (minimum 2, both must be designated Reference Labs). View a list of designated Platelet Antibody Reference Labs.

Confirmation Lab 1


Confirmation Lab 2

Please attach confirmation test results below.

Please attach a copy of the publication of the new HPA being submitted below.



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