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(HPA) Database Submission Confirmation

Thank you for submitting your new antigen submission request application form.

Submission Questions

Brian Curtis, PhD

Contact us via email, or phone using the links below.
Email 414-937-6087

Your Antigen Submission Has Been Received

Thank you for completing our human platelet antigen submission form. Dr. Curtis and his team are reviewing your application and will be contacting you shortly regarding any additional questions or information we may need.

If you have any questions regarding your submission please contact Dr. Brian Curtis at 414-937-6087 or via email at hpa-info@versiti.org.

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20th International Platelet Immunology Workshop

Check Back For More Information

The Working Party on Platelet Immunology is pleased to announce that the 20th International Platelet Immunology Workshop! Check back for dates and more information.

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