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317-916-5279 800-632-4722, option 3 Accreditations & Licenses

Indiana Blood Center Customers

To place an order or inquire about blood products, call 317-916-5279 or 800-632-4722 and select option 3.


Products are routinely delivered via a regular courier run. We also offer STAT and standard special delivery services. Refer to the Blood Services Guide for additional information.


Red blood cells can be returned for full credit if they have greater than 10 days to expiration. Apheresis platelets may be returned for full credit if the unit has at least 24 hours remaining to expiration and can be reissued to another facility for transfusion.

Please refer to the Blood Services Guide for related policies and procedures, and the Returning Products job aid for additional packing information.

Immunohematology Reference Laboratory

Surround Web Interface

  • Surround Web Interface (SWI) Training

    Surround Web Interface, also referred to as SWI, is a web-based application that works as a companion to the Indiana Blood Center's Surround software.  Through this interface IBC clients will be able to create and modify  Donor and Specimen Work Orders, add  additional tests to a sample, upload files to the testing site, automatically accession samples into Surround, as well as view, and print reports remotely.

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