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ADAMTS13 Evaluation

Order Code: 1295

Also Known as

VWF Cleaving Protease

Test Information

ADAMTS13 Evaluation is a reflexive testing algorithm for evaluation of TTP. Activity is always performed. If result is <= 30%, the inhibitor assay (1297) is performed. If inhibitor result is <= 0.7 Inhibitor Units, the antibody assay (1299) is performed

Sample Requirements

Citrated Plasma (light blue top)

Additional Sample Requirements

Citrated plasma (preferred), serum, or whole blood (light blue or red top tube) stored at room temperature or refrigerated up to 7 days is acceptable. Whole blood must be centrifuged and plasma or serum sent for testing. EDTA samples are not acceptable.

Shipping Information


Requested Volume

Three 0.5 ml aliquots

Minimum/Pediatric Volume

Two 0.4 ml aliquots

CPT Codes

85397, 85335 (if inhibitor is performed), 83520 (if antibody is performed)


See Individual Tests

Turnaround Time

Activity: 1-3 days; Inhibitor: 2-4 days; Antibody: 7 days

Test Schedule

Performed 5 days per week (Monday through Friday)


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