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Factor VIII (F8) Severe HA Analysis-Reflex

Order Code: 1403

Also Known as

F8, Factor 8, FVIII, Hemophilia, Hemophilia A

Test Information

Factor VIII (F8) Sequence Analysis is performed at an additional charge if Factor VIII (F8) Inversion Analysis is negative. Refer to Factor VIII (F8) Inversion Analysis and Factor VIII (F8) Sequence Analysis for test information.

Sample Requirements

Fetal: Amniotic Fluid, CVS, Cultured Amniocytes or Cultured CVS; Parental/Patient: EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top)

Shipping Information

Room Temperature

Requested Volume

Fetal: 7-15 ml Amniotic Fluid or 5-10 mg CVS, backup culture of Amniocytes or CVS is highly recommended; Two T25 flasks Cultured Amniocytes or CVS (2x10^6 minimum); Parental/Patient: 3-5 ml

Minimum/Pediatric Volume

Fetal: Call Laboratory; Parental/Patient: 2 ml

CPT Codes

F8 Inv: 81403; F8 Seq: 81407


PCR and Bi-directional DNA Sequencing

Turnaround Time

Inversion Analysis: 5-7 days; Sequencing: 21 days

New York State Approval



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