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Factor VIII (F8) Sequence Analysis

Order Code: 1404

Also Known as

F8, Factor 8, FVIII, Hemophilia, Hemophilia A

Test Information

Sequence analysis of the F8 gene detects germline variants associated with hemophila A. This assay is appropriate for evaluation of mild and moderate hemophilia A and for severe hemophilia A when F8 intron I and intron 22 Inversions have been excluded.

Sample Requirements

Amniotic Fluid, Buccal Swabs, Cultured Amniocytes, CVS, DNA, EDTA Bone Marrow, EDTA Whole Blood

Shipping Information

Room Temperature

Requested Volume

3-5 mL EDTA Whole Blood or Bone Marrow (lavender top), 3-4 Buccal Swabs, 1 ug DNA at 50 ng/uL, 7-15 mL Amniotic Fluid, 5-10 mg CVS, 2-T25 flasks cultured amniocytes or CVS (2x10^6 minimum)

Minimum/Pediatric Volume

Fetal: Call Laboratory; Parental/Patient: 2 ml

CPT Codes



Capture hybridization and Next Generation sequencing (MiSeq) with supplementary Sanger for quality and coverage or PCR and Bi-directional DNA sequencing.

Turnaround Time

21 days

New York State Approval


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Yes, visit app.dexzcodes.com


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