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aHUS Complement Profile

Order Code: 1500

Also Known as

aHUS, C3, C4, CD46, Factor B, Factor H, Factor H Autoantibody, Factor I, FB, FH, FH Antibody, FI

Test Information

Includes: CD46 (MCP) Expression, C3, C4, Factor B, Factor H, Factor H Autoantibody, and Factor I

Sample Requirements

K2 EDTA Whole Blood and Serum (red top - no serum separator)

Additional Sample Requirements

Whole Blood: Must be received within 24 hours of collection, M-F only. Contact laboratory prior to sending sample. Serum: Spin down and separate from clot. Freeze within 2 hours of collection. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Stable up to 6 months.

Shipping Information

Room Temperature Whole Blood-ship ambient, Frozen Serum-ship on dry ice

Requested Volume

3 ml K2 EDTA Whole Blood and Two 2 ml aliquots Serum

Minimum/Pediatric Volume

1 ml K2 EDTA Whole Blood and One 2 ml aliquot Serum

CPT Codes

86160x5, 83516, 88184, 88185


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Turnaround Time

7-10 days


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