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Engraftment/Chimerism Testing: Pre-Transplant Evaluation

Order Code: 4020

Also Known as

Chimerism, VNTR

Test Information

Engraftment pre-transplant testing for informative locus is required for post-transplant to be possible. Pre-transplant testing is performed on donor and recipient samples. Pre-transplant order code (4020) should not be placed on same encounter as post-transplant order codes.

Sample Requirements

EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) or EDTA Bone Marrow (lavender top) or Buccal Swabs

Shipping Information

Room Temperature

Requested Volume

5 ml

Minimum/Pediatric Volume

2 ml

CPT Codes

81265; Double Cord Transplant: 81265, 81266


PCR and Fragment Analysis

Turnaround Time

3-6 days

Test Schedule

Performed 5 days per week (Monday through Friday)

New York State Approval



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