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Please include a completed requisition with each patient sample referred to the Diagnostic Laboratories. You may print a blank requisition by selecting it below. Requisitions preprinted with your name, address and client number are available from Client Services.

Please note, if RNA or DNA samples are being sent, isolation of nucleic acids for clinical testing MUST occur in a CLIA-certified laboratory or a laboratory meeting equivalent requirements as determined by the CAP and/or the CMS. Additional specimen requirements can be found on the individual test requisitions or in our online test catalog.

*Please call Client Services at 800-245-3117 if this is your first time ordering infectious disease testing.

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(HLA) Transplant Services Requisition Forms


Additional HLA testing forms for organ transplantation are available here.
IN Forms: Click Here


HLA lab forms for patient transplant matching in Michigan are available here.
MI Forms: Click Here

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