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Amos Beamon

Amos Beamon

Organ & Tissue, Wisconsin

Normally full of energy and known for always working, Amos Beamon was suddenly slowed. Doctors gave him the news that both his heart and liver were failing. He needed a double transplant.

“It was terrible. I couldn't do anything,” says Amos. “They told my wife and me if I didn’t have the transplants that I would die.”

As Amos’ health deteriorated, he waited patiently on the transplant waiting list. One summer day, he finally got the news that they found a match for a new heart and liver.“When they call you, it’s something you can’t explain,” says Amos. “It’s scary, but it’s joy.”

Since having the transplants, Amos’ life has returned to normal. “I can walk, go to work and spend time in the garden. Everything has changed. It’s like a totally different life.”

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Taylor Babec

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