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Hudson Harloff

Hudson Harloff

Michigan, Recipient

Hudson Harloff’s body isn’t able to produce red blood cells, so every couple of weeks the toddler needs a blood transfusion to stay alive. He also has a rare blood type, AB+, which is shared by only 3 percent of Americans. However, people with AB+ blood have a special gift – they are universal recipients, meaning they can safely receive any blood type from any donor. Hudson’s family is thankful to donors of all blood types in our community that help support him and other patients in need.

“Before he was born, I didn’t think about blood donation. I don’t think most people do,” said mom Lisa Harloff, “Now, I hope putting a face to it would help. Seeing Hudson shows the type of difference they’re making.”

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Katie Jorgensen

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Taylor Babec, cancer survivor

Taylor Babec

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Emily Alanis and her son Elliot

Emily Alanis

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