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Jake Pansier

Jason "Jake" Pansier

Recipient, Treatment, Wisconsin

Green Bay-area farmer and firefighter, Jason “Jake” Pansier, would have lost his life if not for the generosity of blood donors. 

Jake was injured in an accident in the Town of Ledgeview when the tractor he was driving rolled over an embankment and landed upside-down. He was trapped under the tractor for nearly two hours and sustained numerous injuries.

Local paramedics and fellow firefighters — including some of Jake’s own family members — rushed to his aid. They began giving him blood. By the time Flight for Life crews arrived to transport Jake to an area hospital, he had already received 80 units. 

It became clear that Jason would continue to need a great number of transfusions. BloodCenter of Wisconsin stepped up to help, sending blood products to Green Bay. Within a matter of weeks, Jake would receive more than 300 units of blood, most of it from BloodCenter donors.

Flight for Life Paramedic Peter Brierton explained, “In all the medical personnel I know, none of us have ever heard anyone receiving anywhere near that much amount of blood product."

As he recovered in the hospital, Jake wondered how he could thank so many donors for saving his life. But he knew he wanted to try. He began writing notes of thanks to blood donors. His family, humbled by the number of people who helped to save Jake’s life, visited BloodCenter’s Wauwatosa donor center to give blood themselves.

BloodCenter’s Big League Blood Drive in Milwaukee provided Jake and his family with another opportunity to express their gratitude. 

Jake’s sisters, Holly and Heather, and his mom, Joan, attended the drive on Wednesday, August 26. They shared Jake’s story with local media and — most importantly — with blood donors. Jake, who lost one leg in the accident and severely injured the other, was grateful just to be alive. In one note he writes, “With your gift I will always stay strong and positive.”

Jake’s family collected names and addresses of 300 blood donors at the drive so that he may continue to write notes of thanks. He knows blood donors are the reason he is alive.

Jake’s sister, Holly, says, "I look at every donor and think, you saved Jason. I just really want to go give them a hug." 

View the FOX6 News story.

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