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Norman Buck

Norman Buck

Blood Donation, Wisconsin

Twenty four times each year Norman Buck heads to the Milwaukee Donor Center to give the gift of life. A loyal blood and platelet donor for close to 50 years, Norman understands the importance of donation. 

In the late 1960s, Norman's first blood donation experience was not unlike that of many of BloodCenter's donors. A blood drive was set up at his work and he decided to give it a try. He understood early on that the gift he was giving would provide someone in the community a second chance at life. His boss had always been a platelet donor but developed arthritis later in life, requiring him to take medication that made him ineligible for platelet donations. When Norman was asked to "take his place" and become a platelet donor he did not hesitate to say yes. 

In the 1990s, Norman started donating more frequently. He says he just wanted to participate in the process. He felt it was something he could do to help others. 

And help others he has. In September 2012, Norman came in for what would be his 400th donation! He is no stranger to the Milwaukee Donor Center staff so a celebration with cake followed. When asked why he has remained such a loyal donor through the years Norman said, "I know it helps people. I always say you give to save lives." 

BloodCenter of Wisconsin could not serve the hospitals and patients in our community without the dedication of blood donors like Norman.

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