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Kendall and Chloe Roehling

Roehling Twins

Recipient, Treatment, Wisconsin

Twins Chloe and Kendall Roehling have always battled the odds together.

Both were born with hearts that couldn’t pump blood throughout their bodies. They were diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy – a condition that has no cure. They needed heart transplants to survive.

After several months on the organ donation waiting list, matches were found for the twins. Thanks to blood testing done at BloodCenter of Wisconsin, it was determined that Chloe and Kendall’s bodies would not reject the new hearts and that they could safely undergo transplants. Chloe, then Kendall, each underwent successful operations that saved their lives.

“If you look at my kids’ faces, they wouldn’t be here unless somebody decided to donate and save somebody else's life,” says their mom, Christine.

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