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Versiti Launches New Test to Improve HIT Diagnostics, Reduce Progression to Deadly Conditions Caused by Thrombosis

Milwaukee – December 2, 2019

P-Selectin Expression Assay (PEA) now available for clinical order

Versiti, Inc., a national leader in blood health innovation, is excited to announce the launch of its new P-Selectin Expression Assay (PEA). The PEA was developed as the next evolution diagnostic option for patients suspected to have Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT).

When compared to the current test for HIT, the Serotonin Release Assay (SRA), the PEA can detect more patients with HIT antibodies and has an industry-leading turnaround time of less than 24 hours. The PEA has a higher sensitivity, so it is especially useful in confirming weak or inconclusive results in HIT screening tests.

“When compared to SRA, the PEA test has improved sensitivity and is less demanding to run—it doesn’t require any radioactive elements, has a quicker run time, and allows us to provide results in less than 24 hours compared to SRA’s projected 1-3 day timeframe,” said Brian Curtis, Ph.D., senior director, diagnostic laboratories who leads the laboratory testing for the PEA at Versiti’s diagnostic laboratories. “There is no other test like it on the market.”

HIT is an immune-mediated drug interaction and is difficult to diagnose. When left untreated, it can progress to thrombosis—the development or enlargement of blood clots within a blood vessel. Thrombosis is seen in approximately one in three HIT discharges, and can cause serious conditions, including heart attack and stroke

Dr. Curtis, who oversees Versiti’s Platelet and Neutrophil Immunology Laboratory (PNIL), and researchers at the Versiti Blood Research Institute, worked to develop the PEA test to help improve HIT diagnostics nationwide, and potentially lower the instance of progression from HIT to thrombosis, or blood clots. The PEA is available for clinical order beginning today, Dec. 2.

“The PEA test offers new hope for stopping the deadly conditions associated with HIT and thrombosis,” said Richard Aster, M.D., a senior investigator who has worked in the development of HIT diagnostics at Versiti Blood Research Institute for nearly 40 years. “I’m honored to have been part of this life-saving work.”

For information contact Versiti at 1-800-245-3117ext.6250 or visit versiti.org/PEA. The test is now available for clinical use nationwide, with the exception of New York State, pending New York State approval. Versiti also will offer more information on the PEA during the upcoming ASH Annual Meeting, Dec. 7-9 in Orlando, Fla. Visit Versiti booth #865 to learn more.

About Versiti

Versiti, a national leader in blood health innovation, was formed with the mission to improve the health of patients and enable the success of our healthcare partners nationally. We provide innovative, value added solutions in the fields of transfusion medicine, transplantation, and blood-related diseases to meet the needs of each of our customers. The collective efforts across Versiti result in improved patient outcomes, expanded access to care, and cost efficiencies for healthcare systems nationwide. For more information, visit versiti.org.


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