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We are humbled and grateful

We’re stronger together. Thank you for saving lives through blood donation!

As hospitals start to ramp up their services that require blood, we encourage you to donate soon.

COVID-19 Information

Versiti is collecting plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients to help treat others diagnosed with the virus. Learn if you qualify and how to schedule your donation.

Find out about convalescent plasma donation.

The Versiti Network

Choose Your Community

Versiti is a partnership of communities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, and we're proud to be creating Midwestern heroes! Currently, we do not accept blood donations in your region. In order to provide you with a better experience, please select a regional community site from one of the organizations shown above.

Blood Donation Facts

You Can Save a Life
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Blood Research Institute

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Diagnostic Laboratories

Order Your Specific Test

Looking for a specific donation or testing form?

Our Donor Network

Their gifts are precious, perishable and vital. We are inspired by the generosity of the people we rely on for life-saving donations.

Read Their Stories
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A Strategic Partner

Our agility and commitment to urgency means that we’ll deliver the critical products and services you need on time.

Our Products and Services
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Blood Research Institute

Home to leading researchers from around the world who focus on unlocking the healing potential of blood through discovery, diagnosis, and treatment.

Our Research
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Diagnostic Laboratories

Our diagnostic laboratories provide expertise and insights with fast, reliable, and innovative service.

Our Test Catalog
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