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The Biophysics Core consists of one system: BIAcore.

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Trudy Holyst

Senior Research Technologist
Email 414-937-3845 Accreditations & Licenses

The Biophysics Core consists of one system: BIACore. The Biophysics Core provides the data-gathering services of this system and the dedicated computers to all its investigators and outside users, as capacity permits.

Instrumentation and Applications

BIACore 3000 Real-Time BIA (Biomolecular Interaction Analysis)
The BIACore 3000 uses the optical phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to monitor the formation and dissociation of bio-molecular complexes on a sensor surface as the interaction occurs. SPR is a non-invasive technique, which measures the mass concentration of biomolecules in close proximity to a specially prepared surface. By covalently attaching one molecule (the ligand) to the surface of a chip that forms one wall of a flow cell, then exposing it, under the conditions of continuous flow, to a second molecule (the analyte) in solution, interactive measurements can be made that are essentially independent of the nature of the biomolecule without the labeling of the interactants.


The Biophysics Core provides services for Versiti investigators, staff and outside users in the research community, as schedules permit. Users are provided with training by our Core technologist. All usage or training needs must be scheduled 48 hours prior to running instrumentation. A 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of reserved appointments.

Sample Preparation

Please discuss your experimental protocol with us. Sample preparation is always critical to success, and some solutions are not recommended due to optical considerations. We also need to determine if there are any special cleaning requirements; the handling of any infectious or otherwise dangerous materials should be discussed before booking time on any systems.


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