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Gregory A. Denomme, PhD, FCSMLS(D)

Gregory A. Denomme, PhD, FCSMLS(D)

Senior Director, Immunohematology and Innovation
Senior Investigator, Blood Research Institute

Transfusion Medicine

Education and Training
Doctoral Training

Ph.D., Western University, London, Canada, (1993)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, McMaster University, Hamilton Canada, (1993-1994)
Career Fellowship, Canadian Red Cross Society, Hamilton, (1994-1996)
Scholar, Bayer/Canadian Blood Services/Medical Research Council of Canada, (1998-2001)

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Gregory A. Denomme, PhD, FCSMLS(D)

Senior Director, Immunohematology and Innovation
Senior Investigator, Blood Research Institute
Email 414-937-6440 Fax: 414-937-6404

  • Research Interests

    Blood group genetics and molecular immunohematology
    Red cell alloimmunization and blood group compatibility

    Blood Group Genetics - Precision Transfusion Medicine
    ABO matching for transfusion is considered the oldest form of precision medicine and dates to the 1930s when blood centers began to collect all ABO blood types for blood transfusion. There are another 36 blood group systems beyond ABO, and we now know that several immune factors are involved in the effector arm of the immune-mediate red cell destruction of incompatible blood transfusions. Several of these factors are polymorphic in the human population. The study of the polymorphisms that lead to variable immune-mediate red cell destruction is a further extension of ‘precision medicine’. I have studied blood group and Fc receptor polymorphisms to better understand the monocyte phagocytic response. Present studies are expanding to include the polymorphisms of complement component and their receptors. The work on high throughput red cell genotyping for blood group antigens integrates well with these precision medicine studies. The aim is to understand which transfusion recipients are poised to have an adverse hemolytic event to transfusion and to avoid such reactions through precision transfusion medicine.

    Clinical and Translational Studies 
    My research interests are the molecular bases of blood group antigens and the application of molecular immunohematology in the diagnosis and immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. In particular, I focus on DNA-based diagnostic testing of predictive risk for fetal anemia, the determination of RHD zygosity, the characterization of blood group alleles, and the immune response to the Rh blood group variant antigens, most often observed in transfusion recipients with Sickle Cell disease. Research endeavours have led to key publications on the identification of novel RHD allele and other variant blood group alleles.

    In related research involving the common blood group systems, the demand for antigen-matched blood to avoid alloimmunization is increasing on an annual basis. Present studies focus on the impact that rapid blood group genotyping has on the provision of antigen-matched blood and the value that mass-scale blood group genotype info has on donor recruitment. Clinical application of blood group genetic studies include the discovery of new alleles through data mining and the development of high throughput microarray testing platform to rapidly type blood donors.

  • Grant Support
    • Characterization of ABO Titers Among Group O and A Donors: Harmonizing and Established Protocol to Define “Low Titer” ABO Blood Products. G. Denomme (Principal Investigator) and W Anani, MD. The Foundation for America’s Blood Centers (ABC), 2017
    • Clinical Impact of functional polymorphisms of immune system markers on anti-A and anti-B-mediated red cell hemolysis. G. Denomme (Principal Investigator) and J Gottschall. Virginia Blood Foundation, 2016
  • Lab

    Priyanka Pandey, PhD
    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Kathleen Bensing, MLS(ASCP), SBB
    Technical Specialist

  • Publications
    • Denomme GA, Anani WQ. Mass-scale red cell genotyping of blood donors: from data visualization to historical antigen labeling and donor recruitment. Transfusion 2019 Jun 27. doi: 10.1111/trf.15419. Review. (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Volkova E, Sippert E, Liu M, Mercado T, Denomme GA, Illoh O, Liu Z, Rios M; Collaborative Study Group. Validated Reference Panel from Renewable Source of Genomic DNA Available for Standardization of Blood Group Genotyping. J Mol Diagn 2019 S1525-1578(18)30423-9 (Collaborator)
    • Compernolle V, Chou ST, Tanael S, Savage W, Howard J, Josephson CD, Odame I, Hogan C, Denomme G, Shehata N, for the International Collaboration for Transfusion Medicine Guidelines (ICTMG). Red cell specifications for patients with hemoglobinopathies: a systematic review and guideline. Transfusion 58:1555-1566, 2018 (Collaborator)
    • Pandey P, Anani WQ, Gottschall JL, Denomme GA. Potential impact of complement regulator deficiencies on hemolytic reactions due to minor ABO-mismatched transfusions. Blood Advances 1:1977-82, 2017 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Yazer MH, Anani WQ, Denomme GA, Karafin MS, Sayers M, Shaz BH; Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST) Collaborative. Trends in antigen-negative red blood cell distributions by racial or ethnic groups in the United States. Transfusion 58:145-50, 2017 (Collaborator)
    • Karafin MS, Field JJ, Gottschall JL, Denomme GA. Barriers to using molecularly-typed minority red cell donors in support of chronically transfused adult patients with sickle cell disease. Transfusion 55:1399-406, 2015 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Anani WQ, Yassai MB, Bensing KM, Denomme GA. Molecular characterization of three novel weak D type alleles with additional haplotype data on weak D Types 1.2 and 18. Transfusion 57:1092-3, 2017. (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Anani WQ, Marchan MG, Bensing KM, Schanen M, Piefer C, Gottschall JL, Denomme GA. Practical approaches and costs for provisioning safe transfusions during anti-CD38 therapy. Transfusion 57:1470-9, 2017 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Anani WQ, Duffer K, Kaufman RM, Denomme GA. How do I work up pretransfusion samples containing anti-CD38? Transfusion 57:1337-42, 2017 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Flegel WA, Gottshcall JL, Denomme GA. Integrating red cell genotyping into the blood supply chain: a population-based study. Lancet Haematology 2:e282-e288, June 2, 2015 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Flegel WA, Gottschall JL, Denomme GA. Implementing mass-scale red cell genotyping at a blood center. Transfusion 55:2610-15, 2015 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Sandler SG, Flegel WA, Westhoff CM, Denomme GA, Delaney M, Keller MA, Johnson ST, Katz L, Queenan JT, Vassallo RR, Simon CD. It’s time to phase in RHD genotyping for patients with a serologic weak D phenotype. Transfusion 55:680-9, 2015 (Collaborator)
    • Denomme GA. Impact of blood group antigen discrepancies on today’s blood bank. MLO Med Lab Obs 46:8-9, 2014 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Seto E, Fernandes BJ, Wang, C, Denomme GA. Predictive blood group genetics in haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn: a 10-year review of a laboratory evaluation of amniotic fluid-derived DNA. Prenat Diagn 2007;27:1017-23 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Rampersad GC, Suck G, Sakac D, Fahim S, Foo A, Denomme GA, Langler RF, Branch DR. Chemical compounds that target thiol/disulfide groups on mononuclear phagocytes inhibit immune mediated phagocytosis of red blood cells. Transfusion 45:384-393, 2005 (Collaborator)
    • Denomme GA, Van Oene M. High throughput multiplex SNP analysis for red cell and platelet antigen genotypes. Transfusion 45:660-666, 2005 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Matheson KA, Denomme GA. Novel 3’ Rhesus Box sequences confound RHD zygosity assignment. Transfusion 42:645-650, 2002 (Senior Responsible Author)
    • Denomme GA, Rios M, and Reid ME, eds. Molecular Protocols in Transfusion Medicine, Academic Press, 2000

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