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Michael Deininger Laboratory

Michael Deininger Laboratory at Versiti Blood Research Institute

Translational Research of Leukemia

The Deininger lab’s expertise focuses on translational research in leukemia, specifically the biology of myeloproliferative neoplasms and the development of molecular targeted therapies. We are especially interested in developing novel, anti-neoplastic targeted therapies in myeloid leukemia, as well as understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer stem cell persistence and leukemia drug resistance.

Our lab orchestrates a multidisciplinary cancer research program, straddling genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and biomedical engineering. We are proud of our vibrant team of scientists who strive to improve the diagnosis, deep analysis and therapeutics of myeloid leukemia.

Illustration showing normal blood in comparison to blood with leukemia.

Leukemic cells exhibit abnormal proliferation.

Article published by the Deininger laboratory featured on the cover of Blood, February 2022.

Deininger Lab’s new article featured on the journal cover of Blood

We are excited that a recent paper, MS4A3 promotes differentiation in chronic myeloid leukemia by enhancing common B-chain cytokine receptor endocytosis, published by the Deininger Laboratory was featured on the cover of the February, 2022 article of Blood magazine.

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Lab Updates and News

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The Deininger lab’s expertise focuses on translational research of leukemia.

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Illustration showing leukemia blast and lyphatic pathology.


Michael Deininger lab team members.

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