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Robert R. Montgomery, MD

Robert Montgomery, MD

Senior Investigator

Professor of Pediatric Hematology
Department of Pediatrics
Medical College of Wisconsin

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Robert Montgomery, MD

Senior Investigator
Email 414-937-3802 Fax: 414-937-6284

  • Research Interests

    Over the past year we have 1) demonstrated that FVIII is made in endothelial cells; 2) completed enrollment of our historical type 1 Von Willebrand disease cohort of 500 families done across the USA; 3) initiated a prospective study of newly diagnosed VWD patients across the USA; 4) did BM TxP with gene therapy of the stem cells to direct FVIII production in platelets; and 5) initialed studies to study acquired abnormalities of von Willebrand factor in newborns having open heart surgery for complex congenital heart disease.

    While scientists have recognized for years that liver transplant can cure hemophilia and concluded that FVIII must be made in the liver hepatocyte. Using various mouse models that we developed, studies were possible to block the FVIII production in a single type of cell. For example we can remove the FVIII functional gene from all hepatocytes. Interestingly, the FVIII level in the mouse plasma was normal and not affected – thereby proving that hepatocytes didn’t make FVIII. We then did further “tissue-specific” knockout or elimination of the functional FVIII gene from other cells and thereby proved that if you stopped FVIII production in endothelial cells, there was no FVIII in plasma and thereby proved that FVIII was produced in endothelial cells where it was stored and released physiologically with its companion molecule von Willebrand factor.

    Plasma FVIII Activity Chart

    This figure demonstrates that crossing our mouse with a “floxed” FVIII gene with mice with tissue-specific “Cre-recombinase” demonstrate no reduction of FVIII in the albumin-Cre (hepatocyte-specific) mouse, but total elimination of plasma FVIII in the Tek-Cre (endothelial cell specific) mouse. 

    We have finished the 7th year of a multinational program project that is focused on von Willebrand Disease (VWD). VWD is probably the most common hereditary bleeding disorder and may affect 1 in 50 to 1 in 1000 of our general population. In studying our cohort of 500 families with the common form of VWD, type 1 VWD, we found that not all of those subjects continue to have abnormal levels of VWF. We do find that most have a gene mutation in their VWF gene that can be associated with low VWF in other family members. We have recently found a severe form of VWD in which their blood VWF doesn’t bind to exposed collagen after blood vessels are damaged. Current testing as done widely in the United States misses this form of VWD, yet these patients would benefit from VWF replacement therapy. Also we have shown that certain VWF laboratory test (ristocetin-cofactor) is not accurate in as many as 67% of African Americans – they might be assumed to have VWD when they really are normal.

    Since our historic diagnosis of VWD might have diagnostic problems, might be develop algorithms that correctly diagnose VWD patients more correctly and provide individualized advice on need for treatment when bleeding is encountered.

    For hemophilia we have devised a strategy of gene therapy where we would take a hemophilia patients bone marrow and do gene therapy on his hematopoietic stem cells (blood stem cells) so that the FVIII (or FIX) gene is turned on only in platelets where it is stored in storage granules. If blood vessels are injured the platelet sticks to the site because of VWF and the platelets activate and release the FVIII that was put there by gene therapy and the FVIII accelerates clotting and stops the clinical bleeding. To see if there is any thrombosis risk, we have done similar bone marrow transplants with platelet FVIII into mice with a thrombotic propensity. Adding the platelet FVIII does NOT seem to increase the likelihood of clinical thrombosis. This suggests this approach may be safe.

    Our lab has shown that heart valve problems result in the loss of the most active “large” forms of VWF that are most likely to stop clinical bleeding. When infants in their first month of life have major heart surgery for complex congenital heart disease, they sometimes encounter excess abnormal bleeding. Our studies are directed at defining if this bleeding is caused by abnormal VWF and if so, could VWF replacement be optimized to control hemorrhage.

    These 5 studies are directed at increasing our understanding of both bleeding and clotting disorders and their appropriate clinical management.

  • Grant Support
    • P01 HL81588, NIH, Zimmerman Program for the Molecular and Clinical Biology of VWD. 2012-2017.
      • RR Montgomery, Program Director.
    • R01 HL112614, NIH, Comparative Effectiveness in the Diagnosis of VWD.  2013-2018.
      • RR Montgomery and TC Abshire, Principle Investigators.
    • P01 HL44612, NIH, Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in Transfusion Medicine. 2011-2016.
      • Project 5: Critical Molecular Interactions of VWF and FVIII.
        RR Montgomery, Project Leader.

    Research Projects:

    • Gene Therapy of hemophilia through platelet targeted FVIII of FIX
    • Tissue of origin for FVIII production
    • Murine models of VWD
    • Molecular and clinical biology of VWD
    • Clinical assays of various VWF functions
    • Comparative effectiveness of methods to diagnose VWD
    • Abnormal VWF functions during open heart surgery in neonates
  • Lab

    Veronica Flood
    MCW Asst. Professor

    Scot Fahs
    Senior Research Technologist 

    Patricia Morateck
    Senior Research Technologist

    Pam Christopherson
    Senior Research Coordinator

    Crystal Perry
    Research Technologist

     Tricia Slobodianuk
    Research Technologist

    Jeremy Mattson
    Research Technologist

    Aminah Hamdan
    Assistant Research Coordinator

    Tia Baas
    Assistant Research Technologist

    Ursula Sicking
    Assistant Research Technologist

    Christopher Nasby
    Assistant Research Technologist

  • Publications

    Selected Publications

    • Montgomery RR, Zimmerman TS: von Willebrand's disease antigen II ‑ a new plasma and platelet antigen deficient in severe von Willebrand's disease. J Clin Invest 61:1498‑1507, 1978. 
    • Rosenberg JB, Foster PA, Kaufman RJ, Vokac EA, Kroner PA, Montgomery RR: Intracellular trafficking of Factor VIII to von Willebrand factor storage granules. J Clin Invest 101: 613-624, 1998.  (PMCID: PMC508605)
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    • Shi Q, Fahs SA, Wilcox DA, Kuether EL, Morateck PA, Mareno N, Weiler H, Montgomery RR: Syngeneic Transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells that are Genetically Modified to Express Factor VIII in Platelets Restores Hemostasis to Hemophilia A Mice with Preexisting FVIII Immunity. Blood 112:7, 2713-2721 2008.
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    Selected Book Chapters 2010-present (from 44 publications)

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    Selected Abstracts

    • Shi Q, Kuether EL, Cooley BC, Montgomery RR, Wilcox DA, Fahs SA, Schroeder J. Gene Therapy of Hemophilia A Mice with Pre-existing Immunity Using Lentivirus-Mediated Platelet-Specific Gene Transfer. Submitted for presentation at the 14th Annual Meeting of American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, Seattle, May 2011.
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  • Other


    • "Method for maintaining intact, non-degraded factor VIII/von Willebrand factor during blood processing." filed 1984, issued 1987. TJ Kunicki, PhD, and RR Montgomery, MD.
    • "Method for maintaining intact, non-degraded factor VIII/von Willebrand factor during blood processing." filed 1987, issued 1992. TJ Kunicki, PhD, and RR Montgomery, MD.
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    • "Methods and kits for measuring von Willebrand factor." filed 2011, issued 2012.  RR Montgomery, MD.

    Invited Lectures 2010-present

    • “Laboratory Testing and diagnosis of vWD” Symposium Co-Chair, Contemporary Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of von Willebrand Disease, Montreal, Quebec, Canada April, 2010.
    • “Pathophysiology of Type 1 VWD” Canadian Von Willebrand Disease Update, Toronto, Canada, April, 2010. 
    • “Alternative Assays for GP1-Binding of VWD” , 56th Annual Meeting Scientific and Standardization Committee of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Cairo, Egypt, May 2010.
    • “Accelerated Clearance of VWF”, XXIX International Congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia – Hemophilia 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2010.
    • “Therapeutic Gene Transfer”, XXIX International Congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia – Hemophilia 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2010.
    • “Platelet-Based Gene Therapy”, XXIX International Congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia – Hemophilia 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2010.
    • “von Willebrand Disease – the Diagnostic Relevance of the Phenotype” UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation Annual Scientific Meeting, Sheffield, UK, September, 2010.
    • “Gene Therapy Through Platelet Drug Delivery in Hemophilia A & B”, Seminar Series, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, September, 2010.
    • “Classification of VWD” The Aland Islands Meeting, Mariehamm, the Aland Islands, Finland, September, 2010.
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