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Marqus Valentine, sickle cell survivor and blood donation recipient

Patients are the Reason for All Seasons

Hosting a blood drive and/or donating blood in every season can help local patients four times more!

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Host a blood drive and donate blood every season to reduce the shortages year-round!

You might already host an annual blood drive at your church, school, or community center – but what if you did it three more times? Every season, there’s a reason to give blood: local patients.

The need for blood never ends, which means patients are always counting on the generosity of blood donors – and blood drive hosts – to help keep blood on the shelves.

Why give blood or host a drive every season?

Patients need help all year long, not just during times of high need. Blood donors can give up to six times a year – every 56 days – but most only give once per year. The reason for all seasons is simple: patients in local hospitals are counting on it! Hosting a blood drive in every season can help ensure your dedicated donor base are coming back regularly to give. Donating blood every season ensures that patients never have to worry about getting their next necessary transfusion.

Did you know: If all donors gave just once more during the year, blood shortages would be rare. By giving once every season, you can help bridge the gap for those who don’t give as often!

How many times can you donate blood in a year?

Blood donors can give a regular donation of whole blood up to 6 times per year – meaning you can donate every 56 days. That is as often as both men and women can donate. Making donating safe is why you can only donate every 56 days – so that your body can replace its red blood cells!

What makes you ineligible to donate blood?

We have a Blood Donation FAQ with answers to most questions. Some basic guidelines include:

  • You must be at least 17 years old (16 with a parent or guardian’s permission)
  • You must weigh at least 110 lbs. (112 lbs. in Michigan, and more if under 18 years old)
  • You should be feeling healthy the day of your donation

There’s a Reason Every Season

  • Spring forward and pay it forward
  • Summer of love, give blood
  • Fall into the spirit of giving
  • Winter holidays – the greatest gifts are free

You can use these reasons to help get others to donate with you, or to recruit for your blood drive!

Hosting a blood drive

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Hosting 4 drives a year can help to get donors giving blood more often and ensure blood is always there for the patients who need it. As part of The Beacon Club program, organizations that host 4 or more drives in 2020 will receive a special gift based on the number of drives you host.

Fill out a host a blood drive interest form and an Account Representative will be in touch soon!

Donating blood

Click on your state below to schedule an appointment for a drive or donor center near you!


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Blood Donation Questions?

Browse our FAQ section.
Web: Browse our FAQ's

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