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Jay Venema, Beacon Club Honoree

The Beacon Club: Celebrating our Blood Donors

Celebrating our amazing donors for their selfless, lifesaving blood donations.

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As a blood donor, you know how critical your generous gifts are, and we can’t thank you enough. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our newest annual recognition program: The Beacon Club.

Welcome to The Beacon Club – the most meaningful club you can join!

The Beacon Club recognizes your commitment to saving lives throughout the year by celebrating your donation milestones. Every time you donate blood, your lifesaving gift brings you closer to another milestone, and helps another patient in our community. Whether you give to help accident victims or to provide for the ongoing need of those with rare blood disorders, you are at the core of our life-saving mission, and we couldn’t do it without you.

As a token of appreciation, Versiti Blood Centers invites you to share your story and photo to be featured throughout the year on social media. #VersitiBeaconClub

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Versiti invites you to share your story and photo to help encourage more people to give back. You may even be featured throughout the year on our social media. #VersitiBeaconClub. Please complete the form below or contact our relations department directly at TheBeaconClub@Versiti.org or 414-937-6657.

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Please share your experience as a blood recipient or blood donor with as much detail as is comfortable for you. We will not use your story without contacting you first.

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Photo tips for our Beacon Club stars:

  • Avoid close-up selfies, waist up (or farther back) works best.
  • Please provide both a vertical and horizontal option.
  • Avoid frames, filters or stickers.
  • Avoid using zoom and the flash (natural lighting often looks best).

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Blood Donation Questions?

Please visit our FAQ's page.
Web: Blood Donation FAQ's

The Beacon Club FAQs

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