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Shanice Williams Sickle Cell Survivor

Ro Donor Rewards

You rolled up your sleeves, enjoy your reward.


Greg Asmus

Please contact us using the email below with any concerns.

Thank you for your lifesaving Ro blood donations in 2021! Please complete the form for your Ro donor long sleeve hoodie.

Thanks for giving your rare Ro blood type. You are truly remarkable!

On behalf of Versiti, we are pleased to acknowledge the dedication you’ve shown to helping local hospital patients with a gift. Your frequent Ro blood donations throughout the year have improved countless lives, including those of sickle cell patients who rely on transfusions of your matched blood type. We hope you will wear this complimentary, commemorative Ro donor hoodie with pride.

Ro Beacon Club Donor Recognition Long Sleeve Hoodie Form

Please complete the form below with your name, contact info and shirt size for your free long sleeve hoodie. Thank you again for your amazing support, and we hope you enjoy your hoodie!

Thank you again for your amazing support and we hope you enjoy your hoodie!

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