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Huddle Up Bears T-Shirt Design

Huddle Up, Give Blood

We're gearing up for summer with the Chicago Bears! Schedule to donate to receive limited edition Bears t-shirts.

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Chicago Bears T-Shirt Promotion

Heartland Blood Centers is very excited to announce our new partnership with the Chicago Bears!

We are thankful to community partners, like the Chicago Bears, who champion our life giving cause. To kick off the partnership, all donors will receive a limited edition Chicago Bears/Heartland Blood Centers t-shirt when donating between May 15 and July 15.

Common Questions

  • Do all procedures qualify to get a t-shirt?

    Yes, all donors will receive a t-shirt.

  • How long does the promotion run?

    The short sleeve Huddle Up Donate Blood will be available for all donors between May 15th and July 15th.  If you make an appointment to come back between July 16th and September 15th you will receive the long sleeve Bears t-shirt at that donation.

  • Where can I donate to get a Bears shirt?

    Donate at any of our 13 Centers or on any mobile blood drive.  All donors will receive a Huddle Up Donate Blood t-shirt at the time of their donation.  Rebook your next appointment for July 16th through September 15th to reserve the second long sleeve Bears shirt in the series at your next donation!


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