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Giving Warms the Heart, Pledge 3 Donations This Year

Giving Warms the Heart Telethon

Help save lives in our community! Pledge to donate more blood in 2020. It’s a resolution that will save lives.

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Pledge 3 Donations During Indiana’s Premier Blood Donor Month Event

Call us on February 5th at 317-916-5150 to pledge your donations!

Because giving warms the heart, Indianapolis-area leaders are coming together for a February 5th telethon to encourage blood donation during Blood Donor Month.

These community leaders are asking you to call Versiti Blood Center of Indiana’s telethon phone bank that day and pledge 3 appointments to help meet a goal of 1000 appointments.

Less then 38% of the US population is eligible to donate blood, yet only 3% give.

Versiti relies on the generosity of the community to advance its mission and ensure area hospitals have the blood products they need to save lives. January is a very difficult month for blood donations due to extreme winter weather and seasonal illnesses, but the need is still there each and every day for patients. There is no substitute for human blood. It is precious. It is perishable. And the need for it is vital.

Less than 38% of the US population is eligible to donate blood, yet only 3% give. If every blood donor would commit to even 1 additional donation a year, we could supply our hospital partners with all necessary blood they need to serve their patients each year.

Take the pledge to give just blood 1-3 more times this year; and together, let’s make 2020 the Year of Hope for Indiana hospital patients in need.

If you’re ready to make the pledge, make your appointments to donate now:

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More Ways You Can Make a Difference

Muriel Cunningham giving blood at the Kenosha donor center

Host a Blood Drive

Be a hero to patients in your community by hosting a blood drive.

Host a Blood Drive
Sid Rao, MD, PhD conducting tests with fellow associate

Make a Financial Donation

Versiti’s philanthropy team supports life-saving research being conducted at the Blood Research Institute.

Learn More

When Can You Donate Next?

Whole Blood Donation

You can donate today if your last donation was on or before:


Double Red Cell Donation

You can donate today if your last donation was on or before:


Schedule Your Donation

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You’ve made the pledge, now help spread the word! Tell your friends and family about the important of blood donation.

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