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ISC Corporate Challenge

Earn points for your organization by supporting the mission of Versiti Blood Center of Indiana.

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Each team may earn up to 100 Community and Compassion points by hosting up to two blood drives beginning May 1 through August 16, 2019.

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Courtney Howay

Email 317-402-9913

The Indiana Sports Corp (ISC) Corporate Challenge is a fun-filled community event that emphasizes healthy lifestyles, friendly competition, and company camaraderie. ISC offers participating companies the opportunity to earn points by supporting the mission of Indiana Blood Center. Take friendly competition to the next level!

How It Works

Each team may earn up to 100 Community and Compassion points by hosting up to two blood drives beginning May 1 through  August 16, 2019. Participating companies are placed in one of four divisions and accrue points based on company size and participation level. See FAQs for explanation of divisions and points.

Indiana Blood Center will submit your blood drive participation to ISC for tabulation of points. Points are earned for each person who presents to donate and includes both successful donors and deferred donors. See FAQs for donor eligibility.

Schedule A Drive

You can host a drive exclusively for your employees or host a drive that is open to the public. Employees can also earn points by participating at any Indiana Blood Center donor center or community drive. See FAQs for information on how points are awarded for nonemployee participants and for employees participating at other blood drives.

Schedule your drive by contacting Courtney Howay at choway@versiti.org or 317-402-9913.

Start Tallying Your Points

If you present to donate at your organization's ISC Corporate Challenge blood drive, your points will be automatically totaled through Indiana Blood Center's tracking system. The total amount of points will be communicated to your blood drive coordinator.

If you donate at an Indiana Blood Center donor center from May 1 through August 17, 2018, you can also receive points towards your organization's Corporate Challenge total by filling out this form.


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