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Stem Cell Biology & Hematopoiesis

Includes signals and factors that regulate normal and disordered hematopoiesis.

Research in the Stem Cell Biology & Hematopoiesis program includes signals and factors that regulate normal and disordered hematopoiesis.

Stem Cell Biology & Hematopoiesis is the newest research program at Versiti, bringing Versiti into the fields of regenerative medicine and targeted cellular therapies. The Stem Cell & Hematopoiesis program reflects Versiti’s ongoing commitment to expanding basic research in areas that will ultimately lead to improved understanding and treatment of blood cell-related disorders. Housed in a new wing of the Blood Research Institute (BRI), investigators are using cutting-edge technology to study and reveal molecular mechanisms related to the regulation of stem cell properties and B-cell development.


Karen Carlson, MD, PhD

Assistant Investigator
Email: KCarlson@Versiti.org Link: View Bio

John A. Pulikkan, PhD

Associate Investigator
Email: JPulikkan@Versiti.org Link: View Bio

Sid Rao, MD, PhD

Associate Investigator
Email: Sridhar.Rao@Versiti.org Link: View Bio

Nan Zhu, PhD

Associate Investigator
Email: Nan.Zhu@Versiti.org Link: View Bio

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