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Graduate & Postdoctoral Training

Training opportunities, research resources, fellowships and awards for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.

Graduate Research and Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

Versiti Blood Research Institute (VBRI) partners with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) to provide graduate training opportunities and a postdoctoral training program, including a PhD program through the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences (IDP). VBRI and MCW also provide summer research training programs, including the Diversity Summer Health-Related Research Education Program (DSHREP).

VBRI has cultivated an outstanding environment for postdoctoral research. Post doctorate research fellows receive comprehensive training in research and career development and participate in exciting trainee-focused activities and group meetings, including:

  • VBRI Graduate Student and Postdoc Seminar (GPS) series: weekly seminars presented by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, with formal evaluations and advice on projects and presentation skills by two faculty members
  • Jacquelyn Fredrick Lecture: trainee-invited lecture series that is nominated and organized by trainees
  • VBRI Trainee Symposium: opportunity for all trainees to showcase their work, including a poster session, abstract talks and awards
  • Fellowship application support: coaching postdocs and early career fellowship applications
K12 Career Development Program in Translational Glycosciences

For the first time, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is offering a National Career Development Consortium for Excellence in Glycosciences, with a location at Versiti Blood Research Institute and the Center for Translational Glycomics. 

Fellowships & Awards
Fellowships and scholastic awards for graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows to continue their career development.
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Versiti Blood Research Institute, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, includes basic and clinical researchers in a variety of blood health fields.
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Scientific research and training are important parts of Versiti’s mission. Our research programs involve basic and clinical scientists at Versiti Blood Research Institute.
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Research investigators, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory staff at Versiti Blood Research Institute and Diagnostic Laboratories.
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Versiti Blood Research Institute investigators study blood disorders like hemophilia, blood cancers like leukemia, and other blood diseases.