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Gene Editing Core Laboratory

The Gene Editing Core is available as a resource for researchers who want to make targeted mutations in cells using recently developed CRISPR technology.


This Core provides services in the areas of guide RNA (gRNA) design, cloning gRNA sequences into CRISPR vectors, packaging of CRISPR constructions into viral vectors for genetic modification of cells that are difficult to transfect, and evaluation of off-target effects using publicly available computer programs.


Design of Guide RNA (gRNA)

The Rao Lab has provided gRNA protocol for the design and cloning of guide RNA into Cas9 vectors.

Evaluation of Off-target Effects

GUIDE-seq is an unbiased, sequencing-based approach to identify off-target sites of CRISPR/Cas9. The Core can assist labs with protocols and technical expertise to identify possible off-target sites.


Commonly Used Vectors for Gene Editing Experiments

This document lists commonly used gene editing vectors with which the Rao Lab has experience.

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