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Dr. Subramaniam Malarkannan and electron microscope

Core Labs

Specialized research services for investigators.

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William Cashdollar

Research Core Labs & Facilities Director
Email 414-937-3847 Accreditations & Licenses

The Core Laboratories provide specialized research services to investigators. Along with the latest technology in equipment and software, our Core facilities are staffed by technologists with a high level of expertise, and each has a member of the Internal Scientific Advisory Committee available for consultation on experimental design and data analysis.

Our 11 Core Labs include:

Biophysics core technician


The Biophysics Core consists of one system: BIACore. The Biophysics Core provides the data-gathering services of this system.

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Flow Cytometry Core lab technician

Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Core contains 4 Becton Dickinson cytometer systems.

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Gene editing core lab technician

Gene Editing

This Core provides services in the areas of guide RNAdesign, cloning gRNA sequences into CRISPR vectors as well as other areas.

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GMP Core Lab equipment

GMP Facility

Provides gene transfer vectors and scientific expertise to investigators interested in conducting pre-clinical research.

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Histology Core Lab technician


Providing services for tissue sectioning, preparation and staining.

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Hybridoma Core Lab technician


Providing services and products related to the production of monoclonal antibodies.

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Imaging Core Lab technician

Microscopic Imaging

Provides services in microscopy and analysis of two-dimensional images.

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Molecular Biology Core Lab technician

Molecular Biology

Offering automated DNA sequencing services.

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Protein Chemistry Core Lab technician

Protein Chemistry

Custom peptide synthesis and purification using natural and non-natural amino acids.

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Thrombosis Core Lab technician


The thrombosis core provides support to facilitate the study of thrombosis and hemostasis.

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Viral Vector Core Lab equipment

Viral Vector

Vector design, gene silencing and protein expression.

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