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Datasets and Protocols

Datasets and Protocols


Dr. Dittel has published a number of datasets and protocols, including B cell subsets, RNA-seq data, cell populations and more.

Bonnie Dittel, PhD
Primary Investigator
Nancy Surdyk
Senior Administrative Assistant

Published Datasets

16S microbiome in IL-10-deficient mice versus wild-type mice

Ray, A., S. Basu, R.Z. Gharaibeh, L.C. Cook, R. Kumar, E.J. Lefkowitz, C.R. Walker, C.D. Morrow, C.L. Franklin, T.L. Geiger, N.H. Salzman, A.F. Fodor and B.N. Dittel. 2015.

Gut microbioal dysbiosis due to Helicobacter drives and increase in marginal zone B cell in the absence of IL-10 signaling in macrophages. J. Immunol.  195:3071-3085.

The metagenomes presented in this article have been submitted to the MG-RAST
Metagenomics Analysis Server (
under MG-RAST identification numbers 4643675.3–4643710.3.

RNAseq in splenic follicular, marginal zone and BDL B cell subsets

Ray, A., Khalil, M., Pulakanti, K.L., Burns, R.T., Gurski, C.J., Basu, S., Wang, D., Rao, S. and Dittel, B.N. 2019.

Mature IgDlow/- B cells maintain tolerance by promoting regulatory T cell homeostasis. Nat. Commun.

The RNA-seq data have been deposited in the Gene Expression Omnibus under the accession code GSE111911 and went public December 3, 2018 (


Awards and Patents
Bonnie Dittel, PhD, has received a number of awards and patents for her research of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.
Dittel lab personnel work in a collaborative environment and share knowledge to advance groundbreaking science.
News and Media
News and media highlights about Bonnie Dittel, PhD, including her research of multiple sclerosis at Versiti Blood Research Institute.
Dr. Dittel has been published in a number of prestigious scientific and medical journals for her study of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.