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The CEO Circle Award recognizes employees who exemplify Versiti values.

Congratulations to our 2019 CEO Circle award recipients!

Versiti’s CEO Circle Award winners embody our core values and drive our mission of service. They lead and inspire, helping to build our culture and expand our life-saving expertise. “The dedication of these individuals helps us to advance personalized medicine, improve patient outcomes and strengthen the health of communities everywhere,” says Versiti President and CEO Chris Miskel.

Monaal Barakat

Monaal Barakat

Monaal Barakat, supervisor of the histocompatibility lab in Wisconsin, has taken on increased responsibility since becoming a member of the lab’s on-call management staff. She is recognized for her natural ability to Strengthen the Team by bringing people together and encouraging cross-functional collaboration.

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Avery Black

Avery Black

As an inventory analyst, Avery Black manages Versiti’s blood inventory status across all states. He single-handedly reinvented the inventory coordinator position and works hard to support and develop key tools for Versiti initiatives. His belief in Doing the Right Thing and ability to quickly adapt and adjust to change make him an invaluable team member.

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Dan McQuary

Dan McQuary

Director of corporate development Dan McQuary is a natural leader who Makes Results Happen by managing strategic alliances, affiliations, acquisitions and investments. He played an instrumental role in the execution of the Cenetron and Salus acquisitions and developed a service line benchmarking analysis.

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Nicole Muenchow

Nichole Muenchow

As the manager of client services, DNA core labs and clinical trials/cellular therapies, Nichole Muenchow Strengthens the Team by driving improvements in clinical trial client onboarding, actively collaborating with Cenetron, and enabling Diagnostic Labs to execute testing with the highest degree of quality.

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Heidi Seitz

Heidi Seitz

Heidi Seitz, regional manager of donor recruitment in Michigan, is committed to encouraging blood donation and Making Results Happen. She was awarded 2019 Donor Recruitment Manager of the Year for achieving 112% to goal with 60% drives in range, along with blood donor bookings over 120%.

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Kelli Rai Smith

Kelli Rai Smith

Kelli Rai Smith, manager of service excellence, Strengthens the Team as an ambassador for Versiti Way of Serving. She is recognized for implementing volunteer teams in Illinois and Indiana, which join established volunteer programs in Michigan and Wisconsin. She is committed to continuous learning, delivering more than 40 classes to no fewer than 550 learners in the short span of 7 months.

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Landon Smith

Landon Smith

As Versiti’s quality and risk program liaison, Landon Smith wears a variety of hats, serving as a quality assurance auditor, coordinating a COVID-19 convalescent plasma study, and developing an equipment tracking database. He is also passionate about Strengthening the Team by developing a “green initiative” and serving as a member of the Employee Engagement Committee.

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Kelli Sopcynski

Kelli Sopczynski

Versiti’s core value of Strengthen the Team is important to Kellie Sopczynski, a manager of donor services in Michigan who oversees donor centers in Bay City, Dow Diamond and Saginaw, along with all Saginaw mobile teams. She has championed service initiatives across the organization, leads the Staff Advisory Council, and was awarded a grant to put toward new beds for the Bay City donor center.

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Irini Vasilev

Irina Vasilev

Senior financial analyst Irina Vasilev believes that Strengthening the Team is the key to Making Results Happen. She is responsible for providing financial analytical support across the organization, was a key player in financial support for the biomaterials information team, and served as a member of the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) development team.

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All Award Recipients

  • Do Right Always
    • Alyese Buelow
    • Lori Eggert
    • Joanna McCoy
    • Mike Slupik
    • Ann Tullis
    • Fenwal Bag Project that included Casey Mickelson, Katie Gast, Mike Koppenhoefer, Eva Schaefer, Becky Tran and Tanya McGregor
  • Strengthen the Team
    • Danni Andre
    • Dan Curry
    • Ryan Nink
    • Sean Overton
    • Sid Rao
    • Shout Committee that included Tiffany Larry, Colleen McKinnon, Jodie Fuhreck, Renee Morgan, Michelle Moring, Kena Archer, Katie Banik, Megan Sigrist, Dan McKenzie, Brian McKenzie and Melissa Schulz
  • Find a Better Way
    • Lisa Baumann-Kreuziger
    • Jamie Krampf
    • Jonathan Murphy
    • Sarah Wolfe
    • Platelets, Inc. that included Fabiola Cuellar, Lisa Kendall, Michael Marks Jr., Jaela McQuillan, Todd Masters, Danyelle Murphy, Kathy Daggett
    • Michigan DL that included Jennifer Herring, Aimee Fahrer, Erika Doran, Erica Van Eerden, Jeff Trimble and Dr. LeeAnn Weitekamp
  • Make Results Happen
    • Amy Friemoth
    • Michelle Hills
    • Jeremy Palasz
    • Sherri Pursell
    • Susan Street
    • Therapeutic Apheresis Team that included Jennifer Aamodt, Yesenia Acosta, Perpetue Bariyanga, Laura Bebee, Wendy Breuring, Melanie Cheval, Brianna Cunnigan, Matthew Falicki, Harpreet Frye, Sorelle Jefcik, Donna Kramer, Michelle Mamby, Karen Mcmanus, Nicole Pacocha, Peggy Ronan, Mary Sedlecky, Lisa Shikhman, Shea Sternhagen, Marianne Tysen, Marie Webster, BJ Wilcox, Crystal Baker-Woods, Jean Wucinski, Valerie Zemberi and Bonita Zuckerman
  • Top Donor Services Front Line
    • Sam Cross
    • Reuben Moore
    • Ray Rascoe
    • Penne Reynolds
  • Tibor Greenwalt Award
    • Debbie Oseland

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