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CEO Circle Awards

Each year, Versiti President and CEO Chris Miskel recognizes employees who have made a significant contribution in service to the organization.

2022 CEO Circle Awards


Eva Schaefer

Manager, Operational Quality; Wisconsin

Eva Schaefer, manager of operational quality in Wisconsin, is this year’s Tibor Greenwalt Award winner, which recognizes a Versiti team member who has made a significant positive impact on the organization over time. In her role, Eva manages a team of analysts who provide consultative expertise to operational departments in blood services. Their job is to achieve process control and overall operational effectiveness and quality with respect to process improvement initiatives and compliance with regulatory changes. “Every day at Versiti, I am reminded that what we do truly matters,” Eva says. “Our patient stories and my own personal experience always remind me that this isn’t a job—it’s a vocation.”

Sarah Eberhart

Manager, Planning; Indiana

In her role, Sarah is responsible for ensuring that Versiti achieves its blood collection goals and meets the needs of local hospitals and patients. “I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make an impact on an organization that, in turn, makes an even larger impact on people’s lives,” Sarah says. “Along with that, I appreciate that I get to work alongside so many people who care about not only what they do, but why they do it.”


Jessica Hirt

Supervisor, Donor Services; Michigan

Jessica leads a team of more than 60 phlebotomists who support mobile blood drives. An active participant in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, as well as staff engagement activities, Jessica believes that teamwork makes the dream work. “A successful team beats with one heart,” she says. “I have created special bonds with donors and their families, which reminds me why our mission is so important.”

Dana Knight

Director, Quality Assurance; Illinois

Dana has taken the lead on multiple high-profile projects across Versiti, which have allowed her the opportunity to learn more about the organization, develop key relationships and ensure Versiti’s success. “The Versiti mission of enhancing lives is what drives me to show up as my best self on good days and bad,” Dana says. “Knowing that I help to save lives through my role is truly motivating.”


Allyson Malczewski

Supervisor, Specialized Production; Wisconsin

As a production supervisor, Allyson oversees a team responsible for quality control of blood products and platelet production—an essential step in providing safe blood products to local patients. “Versiti allows me to utilize my expertise to support organizational initiatives and provide lifesaving products for our patients,” she says.

Jaclyn McKay

Manager, Transfusion Services; Wisconsin

Prior to transitioning to her new role as a technical and innovation analyst, Jaclyn led the transfusion services team located inside Children’s Wisconsin, which provides testing services and compatible blood products to hospital patients. “I appreciate working for Versiti, an organization that first and foremost promotes patient care through science, medicine and service, while simultaneously valuing my contributions,” she says. “I know that I will grow at Versiti and aspire to help Versiti achieve our mission.”


Lauren Patzman

Supervisor, Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) Clinical Program; Wisconsin

Lauren is passionate about expediting the kidney transplant process to ensure that more patients get the lifesaving transplant they need. “The OPO team supports families on the worst day of their lives by presenting to them the option of organ donation,” she says. “We give grieving families something positive to hold on to after losing a loved one, and because of these families and the work our teams do, we are saving lives every day.”

Karen Smith

Manager, Production Distribution; Indiana

Karen leads a team that facilitates training and worked with multiple departments across Versiti to get the blood establishment computer system (BECS) up and running. “I’ve been with Versiti for 15 years and have grown up in our organization,” Karen says. “I have always had a strong desire to help people, and this organization allows me to save lives every day, which is humbling and rewarding.”


Kevin Stevenson

Supervisor, Donor Services; Illinois

Kevin’s strong work ethic and drive to make results happen help him oversee staff, collections and operations at mobile blood drives. “I came to Versiti because of its vital mission,” he says. “Being part of a team that provides lifesaving blood products to patients in need is what drives me. To work in a profession that enables you to impact the communities we serve and the lives of those in need is an important role we should all embrace.”

Latoya White

Supervisor, Contact Center Operations; Illinois

Latoya is passionate about cultivating a strong team and established a mentoring program to help others succeed. Over the last two years—in the middle of a global pandemic—her team helped Illinois exceed its blood collections goals, ensuring patients had the lifesaving blood they needed. “Knowing that the work my team and I do today will help save someone in need tomorrow is rewarding,” she says.


Sylvester Johnson

Team Lead, Blood Operations; Indiana

Sylvester has been doing what he loves for 25 years and is passionate about helping others. “Versiti allows me to continue to help many people on a broad scale,” he says. “At the end of each workday, I have a total feeling of fulfillment knowing that many others will benefit from my actions.”

Clayton Cummings

Team Lead, Blood Operations; Michigan

Clayton is passionate about driving success, helping others and always tries to make a difference where he can. “Versiti is an amazing place to work; I carry so much pride for our mission and what we do,” he says. “I feel like what we do truly matters; I always try to stop and remind myself of the impact each and every one of us has on our community. Be the best you can be—not only for yourself, but most importantly for all those lives we save.”


Rose Duncan

Team Lead, Blood Operations; Ohio

As a team lead, Rose encourages her team to be their best selves and foster a positive working environment. “I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in their lives,” she says. “I’m thankful that I can help save lives; it’s most rewarding when a family thanks you for working and helping save lives. It’s not a job—it’s a growing passion and motivation for others.”

Chinda Grant

Team Lead, Blood Operations; Wisconsin

Team lead Chinda loves interacting with blood donors, coworkers and welcoming new members of the team. “Working for Versiti for the past 16 years has been a wonderful experience,” Chinda says. “As a phlebotomist, I’m always learning something new and acquiring new techniques and skills.”

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