Versiti - Human Platelet Antigen (HPA) Database

Human Platelet Antigen (HPA) Database

The database provides a centralized repository for discovered and known human platelet antigens.

Human Platelet Antigen (HPA) Database

This database serves as the principal site for cataloging the current list of human platelet allo-antigens (HPA). To submit data and obtain confirmation and numbering of newly discovered HPA by the International Platelet Immunology Nomenclature Committee of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), please use the official forms and instructions on this page.

Alloantibodies against HPA are the cause of several immune platelet disorders, including fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT) and platelet transfusion refractoriness (PTR). Detection and identification of HPA alloantibodies is critical in making a proper diagnosis and for ensuring appropriate patient care.

Submit New Antigen

Please review database for all currently know Human Platelet Antigens. Submit any newly discovered antigens via the form below and they will be reviewed.

HPA Gene Database

Use the database to search for any of the current 35 recognized human platelet antigens.

System Antigen Original names Glycoprotein / SNP CD Reference
HPA-1 HPA-1a
Zwa, PlA1 Zwb,PIA2 GPIIIa /L33P CD61 van Loghem et al, Vox Sang (1959)
Shulman et al, J Clin Invest (1961)
van der Weerdt et al, Vox Sang (1963)
HPA-2 HPA-2a
Koa, Kob GPIbα / T145M CD42b van der Weerdt et al, (1969)
van der Weerdt, (1965)
HPA-3 HPA-3a
Baka, Leka Bakb GPIIb / I8435 CD41 von dem Borne et al, Vox Sang (1980)
Kickler et al, Blood (1988)
HPA-4 HPA-4a
Yukb, Pena
Yuka, Penb
GPIIIa / R143Q CD61 Friedman et al, Blood (1985)
Shibata et al, Vox Sang (1986)
Shibata et al, Vox Sang (1986)
HPA-5 HPA-5a
Brb, Zavb
Bra, Zava, Hca
GPIa / E505K CD49b Kiefel et al, Vox Sang (1988)
Kiefel et al, Blood (1989)
Santoso et al, Br J Haematol (1989)
HPA-6b Caa, Tua GPIIIa / R489Q CD61 Kekomäki et al, Br J Haematol (1993)
McFarland et al, Blood (1993)
HPA-7b Moa GPIIIa / P407A CD61 Kuijpers et al, Blood (1993)
HPA-8b Sra GPIIIa / R636C CD61 Kroll et al, Blood (1990)
HPA-9b Maxa GPIIb / V837M CD41 Noris et al, Blood (1995)
HPA-10b Laa GPIIIa / R62Q CD61 Peyruchaud et al, Blood (1997)
HPA-11b Groa GPIIIa / R633H CD61 Simsek et al, Blood (1994)
HPA-12b Iya GPIbβ / G15E CD42c Kiefel et al, Vox Sang (1995)
HPA-13b Sita GPIIIa / K611del CD49b Santoso et al, Blood (1999)
HPA-14b Oea GPIIIa / K611del CD61 Santoso et al, Blood (2002)
HPA-15 HPA-15a
CD109 / S682Y CD109 Kelton et al, Blood (1990)
Smith et al, Blood (1995)
HPA-16b Duva GPIIIa / T140I CD61 Jallu et al, Blood (2002)
HPA-17b Vaa GPIIIa / T195M CD61 Kekomäki et al, Trasfus Med (1992)
HPA-18b Caba GPIa/ Q716H CD49b Bertrand et al, Transfusion (2009)
HPA-19b Sta GPIIIa / K137Q CD61 Peterson et al, Transfusion (2010)
HPA-20b Kno GPIIb/ T619M CD41 Peterson et al, Transfusion (2010)
HPA-21b Nos GPIIIa/ E628K CD61 Peterson et al, Transfusion (2010)
HPA-22b Sey GPIIb/ K164T CD41 Peterson et al, Transfusion (2012)
HPA-23b Hug GPIIIa/ R622W CD61 Peterson et al, Transfusion (2012)
HPA-24b Cab2a+ GPIIb/ S472N CD41 Jallu et al, Transfusion (2011)
HPA-25b Swia GPIa/ T1087M CD49b Kroll et al, Transfusion (2011)
HPA-26b Seca GPIIIa / K580N CD61 Sachs et al, Thromb Haemost (2012)
HPA-27b Cab3a+ GPIIb / L841M CD41 Jallu et al, Transfusion (2013)
HPA-28b War GPIIb / V740L CD41 Poles et al, Transfusion (2013)
HPA-29b Khab GPIIIa / T33M† CD61 Sullivan et al, Transfusion (2015)
HPA-30b Laba GPIIb / Q806H CD41 Wihadmadyatami et al, Transfusion (2015)
HPA-31b Cab4b+ GPIX / P123L CD42a Jallu et al, J Thromb Haemost (2017)
HPA-32b Domb GPIIIa / N174S CD61 Sullivan et al, Transfusion (2017)
HPA-33b Bla GPIIIa / D458G CD61 Poles et al, Transfusion (2019)
HPA-34b Bzha GPIIIa / R91W CD61 Bertrand et al, Transfusion (2019)
HPA-35b Efsa GPIIIa / R479H CD61 Bertrand et al, Transfusion (2019)
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