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Therapeutic Apheresis & Cell Therapy Collections

Versiti offers therapeutic apheresis procedures and cellular therapy product collections.

Therapeutic Apheresis & Cell Therapy Collections

Versiti is a trusted partner with more than 75 years of transfusion medicine expertise, establishing an unmatched foundation in the delivery of therapeutic apheresis procedures and cellular therapy product collections. Our team of skilled physicians, nurses and staff serves as an extension of your team and is dedicated to service excellence and treating patients with one-on-one attention, respect and compassion.

Our specialized nurses are available 24/7 to perform therapeutic apheresis procedures for a wide spectrum of indications in all patient populations, including pediatric and critically ill patients. Our team works collaboratively with each patient’s clinical team to select and customize procedures to achieve optimal results. Every procedure is overseen by our experienced physician team, which assists with patient evaluation and offers guidance for the hospital physicians who provide patient care for these specialized procedures.

Apheresis Procedures Performed Annually

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  • During plasma exchange therapy, a patient’s plasma is removed and replaced with 5% albumin and/or donated plasma. TPE is used for a wide range of indications, including antibody-mediated syndromes in neurology, nephrology, hematology and organ transplantation.

    • Available in Wisconsin and Michigan

    A procedure in which abnormal red blood cells (RBCs) are removed and replaced with donated RBCs. RBCX is performed for acute episodes and chronic management in sickle cell disease and in the case of certain infections (e.g., malaria and babesiosis) in which RBCs are damaged.

    • Available in Wisconsin and Michigan

    During this procedure, an excessive amount of white blood cells is rapidly removed in disease causing hyperleukocytosis, such as leukemia, which may cause complications such as stroke, respiratory failure and/or renal failure.

    • Available in Wisconsin and Michigan

    A procedure in which an excessive amount of platelets is rapidly removed in diseases like essential thrombocytosis, which may cause complications, such as stroke or heart attack.

    • Available in Wisconsin and Michigan

    A procedure in which white blood cells are separated from a patient’s blood and treated with a medication called Methoxsalen, which makes them sensitive to ultraviolet light. The treated white blood cells are exposed to ultraviolet light and returned to the patient. Photopheresis may be used to treat graft vs. host disease, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and organ transplant rejection.

    • Available in Wisconsin and Michigan

    A procedure in which LDL cholesterol is rapidly removed for chronic treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia. LDL apheresis can also be used to treat focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) when it affects the native kidney or after a kidney transplant.

    • Available in Wisconsin only

    Versiti has extensive experience collecting autologous and allogeneic hematopoietic progenitor cells and mononuclear cells per multiple clinical and commercial protocols. Wisconsin is AABB and FACT accredited and Michigan is AABB accredited and FACT inspected, and both are approved apheresis centers for the National Marrow Donor Program (Be The Match). We are proud to partner with our community hospitals to collect cell therapy products for most current commercial CAR-T cell therapies, as well as clinical research protocols for CAR-T cell and gene therapies.

    A procedure in which immature white blood cells called HPCs are collected from a donor. Individuals may donate for themselves (autologous) or for another person (allogeneic), depending on the physician’s treatment plan.

    A procedure in which MNCs are collected from a donor as the source material for development of individualized cell therapy products.

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