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HPA Gene Database

The database provides a centralized repository for discovered and known human platelet antigens.

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HPA Gene Database

The following table details genetic information about HPA Antigens. The following conventions are used in the table:

  • Nucleotide numbers are given in relation to the reference sequence in the NCBI database, as indicated in the RefSeq column, and we have used the numbering convention as recommended by Antonarakis (Hum Mutat 1998;11:1-3) whereby the A of the start codon is +1.
  • Nucleotide and protein substitutions are shown as changes from the higher frequency (a) allele to the less common (b) allele. In certain cases, e.g. HPA-5, the reference sequence encodes the less common form.

Search the HPA Gene Database

Use the database below to search for any of the current 35 recognized human platelet antigens. Search by number, 1-35 to jump to a specific antigen.

HPA HGNC Gene Chromosome Entrez Gene Ref-Seq Uni-Prot dbSNP Nucleotide Change Precursor Protein Mature Protein Reference
HPA-1b ITGB3 17 176T>C L59P L33P
HPA-2b GP1BA 17 482C>T T161M T145M
HPA-3b ITGA2B 17 2621T>G I874S I843S
HPA-4b ITGB3 17 506G>A R169Q R143Q

Wang et al, J Clin Invest (1992)
Wang et al, Proceedings of the Japan Academy (1991)

HPA-4 ITGB3 17 506G>A R169Q R143Q
Wang et al, Proceedings of the Japan Academy 67:102-6 (1991)
HPA-5b ITGA2 5 1600G>A E534K E505K

Santoso et al, J Clin Invest(1993)
Kalb et al, Thromb Haemost (1994)
Simsek et al, Br J Haematol (1994)

HPA-5 ITGA2 5 1600G>A E534K E505K
HPA-5 ITGA2 5 1600G>A E534K E505K
HPA-6b ITGB3 17 1544G>A R515Q R489Q
HPA-7b ITGB3 17 1297C>G P433A P407A
HPA-8b ITGB3 17 1984C>T R662C R636C
HPA-9b ITGA2B 17 2602G>A V868M V837M
HPA-10b ITGB3 17 263G>A R88Q R62Q
HPA-11b ITGB3 17 1976G>A R659H R633H
HPA-12b GP1BB 22 119G>A G40E G15E
HPA-13b ITGA2 5 2483C>T T828M T799M
HPA-14b ITGB3 17 1909_1911delAAG K637del K611del
HPA-15b CD109 8 2108C>A S703Y S682Y
HPA-16b ITGB3 17 497C>T T166I T140I
HPA-17b ITGB3 17 662C>T T221M T195M
HPA-18b ITGA2 5 2235G>T Q745H Q716H
HPA-19b ITGB3 17 487A>C K163Q K137Q
HPA-20b ITGA2B 17 1949C>T T650M T619M
HPA-21b ITGB3 17 1960G>A E654K E628K
HPA-22b ITGA2B 17 584A>C K195T K164T
HPA-23b ITGB3 17 1942C>T R648W R622W
HPA-24b ITGA2B 17 1508G>A S503N S472N
HPA-25b ITGA2 5 3347C>T T1116M T1087M
HPA-26b ITGB3 17 1818G>T K606N K580N
HPA-27b ITGA2B 17 2614C>A L872M L841M
HPA-28b ITGA2B 17 2311G>T V771L V740L
HPA-29b ITGB3 17 98C>T T33M T7M
HPA-30b ITGA2B 17 2511G>C Q837H Q806H
HPA-31b GP9 3 368C>T P123L P107L
HPI-32b ITGB3 17 521A>G D174S D148S
HPA-33b ITGB3 17 1373A>G D458G D432G
HPA-34b ITGB3 17 349C>T R117W R91W
HPA-35b ITGB3 17 1514A>G R505H R479H

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