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Comprehensive Transplant Services

Supporting solid organ transplantation, stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy.

Diagnostic Labs

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Versiti scientific and medical leadership is known globally for providing advanced testing and consultation to improve patient outcomes and increase access to transplantation.

The Versiti transplant portfolio includes:

  • More than 3,500 transplant-ready, high cell-count cord blood units
  • Testing services for histocompatibility and immunogenetics  
  • Infectious disease marker testing 
  • Post-transplant monitoring
  • Versiti tissue services
  • Apheresis hematopoetic progenitor cell collections 
  • Organ procurement organization
“We have considered the Versiti HLA lab as an extension of our team in terms of requests for prioritizing cases. Our many questions, which often come from a variety of team members at Hackensack, are resolved almost immediately. When we have challenging cases, discussing them with the Versiti team allows us to offer our patients transplant services in a timely manner.”

Barbara Adler-Brecher, MS, CHTC
Coordinator, Unrelated Donor Search Services
Hackensack University Medical Center

Our Primary Expertise Include:

Partnering with your care team

  • Consulting on cases to find the best donor match for a patient
  • Providing education, including new testing and transplant topics

Performing more transplants

  • Our comprehensive testing can lead to faster identification of donors
  • We offer transplant centers innovative solutions and consultation>

Improving patient outcomes

  • HLA panel by NGS includes relevant HLA loci, leading to better matched donors
  • Sensitivity of post-transplant monitoring enables early detection of disease relapse

Additional Expertise

  • Stem cell transplant services
    • High-resolution typing by NGS for HLA Class I and Class II to help identify the best available donor for a patient in need of a stem cell transplant
    • Unique related donor HLA haplotype screening by short tandem repeat (STR) assay
    • Expert HLA antibody identification and monitoring for sensitized patients and haploidentical transplants
    • KIR genotyping to aid in selection of the best donor for particular cases
    • Post-transplant chimerism testing for engraftment and relapse monitoring
    • Erythroid chimerism test to monitor sickle cell disease transplant patients
    • AML companion diagnostic testing offering high sensitivity and fast turnaround time
  • Solid organ transplant services
    • HLA Class I and Class II typing to help identify the best available donor for a patient in need of a solid organ transplant
    • Testing to detect and identify antibodies to HLA Class I and Class II antigens to help identify the best donor for a patient with pre-formed HLA antibodies
    • Crossmatching to confirm donor and patient compatibility
  • Therapeutic apheresis and cellular therapy services
    • Expert nurses available 24/7 to perform therapeutic apheresis procedures
    • A leader in stem cell collection support

Find out more about our post-transplant and chimerism testing.


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