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Donor Testing

Provides infectious disease testing (IDT) to determine donor suitability and blood product safety

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Vice President of Laboratory Services
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Versiti's Donor Testing Lab provides infectious disease testing (IDT) to determine donor suitability and blood product safety for organs, tissue, hematopoietic stem cells, cord blood and other donated biological products. The IDT lab offers nucleic acid testing (NAT), antibody screening and confirmatory testing for many different disease states. As a 24-hour, 7-days-a week lab, Versiti and its community blood centers rely on the dependable and knowledgeable staff to help save and improve lives in our communities and throughout the world.

Sample Acceptability & Transport

  • Labeling
    • Barcodes should be placed directly under the tube’s stopper or cap in a vertical position (top to bottom). Barcodes placed horizontally (left to right) do not interface with the instrumentation used at Versiti.
  • Transport
    • Samples must be sent in compliance with all DOT regulations and in accordance with 42CFR 72.
    • Samples that arrive at Versiti more than four hours after leaving the client facility must be shipped on cold packs to maintain a 2-25 degrees C temperature in the box. Frozen gel packs may be used during periods of high external temperatures as long as they do not come in contact with whole blood sample. The cardboard sample box lid and absorbent material should separate the frozen packs from the whole blood sample tubes. Wet ice should only be used if well-protected from leakage onto samples, paperwork and exterior packaging. 42CFR 72 and DOT regulations require the blood for donor testing be considered a diagnostic sample and must travel in a triple-layer package. This means that the specimen must be in a closed container, that there must be a leak-proof secondary container with sufficient absorbent material to capture any spills, and that there must be an outer container that can withstand a drop of nine meters. NOTE: Shippers frequently refuse to deliver leaking boxes due to melting wet ice.
    • Versiti recommends that a plastic bag be placed between the inner walls of the outer box and the Styrofoam support inserts. This will allow the bag to be tied up prior to closing, and prevents the contents from spilling out if the lid gets opened.
    • Make sure there is enough absorbent material to ensure that if tubes are broken that they will not contaminate the remaining contents. We suggest wrapping each rack/tray of samples in a plastic bag that is tied or taped to minimize the handling risk in case of broken tubes.
    • Enclose a packing list for the sample ID numbers. Versiti asks that the packing list is placed in a plastic bag to prevent moisture damage and is included in the first box of your shipment.
    • Number the outside of your boxes if more than one is being sent (e.g. Box 1 of 2, Box 2 of 2).
    • Versiti requires notification that samples are being sent. Please notify the Donor Testing Lab on the day the samples are shipped.
  • Sample Acceptability

Surround Web Interface

  • Surround Web Interface (SWI) Training

    Surround Web Interface, also referred to as SWI, is a web-based application that works as a companion to the Indiana Blood Center's Surround software.  Through this interface IBC clients will be able to create and modify  Donor and Specimen Work Orders, add  additional tests to a sample, upload files to the testing site, automatically accession samples into Surround, as well as view, and print reports remotely.


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