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Organ, Tissue & Eye Donation in Wisconsin

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24-Hour Referral Line 1-800-432-5405

When Do I Call?

Please call within 1 hour for any ventilated patient who meets a clinical trigger:

  • Any discussion concerning end of life options (comfort care measures, no escalation of care, or withdrawal of life sustaining therapies)
  • Non-survivable brain injury
  • GCS ≤ 4 or absence of 2 or more Cranial Nerve Reflexes*
  • First Indication of brain death
  • Family initiates discussion regarding donation

* Cranial Nerve Reflexes = pupillary reaction, gag reflex,cough reflex, corneal reflex, cold-caloric reflex, doll’s eyes, response to pain and spontaneous breathing

All Patients: call immediately at cardiac time of death, even if the patient was referred for an above trigger.


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