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Taylor Babec, cancer survivor

Taylor Babec

Illinois, Recipient

When she was a young child, Taylor Babec was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As part of her treatment to beat cancer, Taylor received 22 blood transfusions to help her body recover from the grueling chemotherapy. After three years of treatment, Taylor was declared cancer-free.

As a childhood cancer survivor, Taylor grew up happy and healthy and even played on her high school volleyball team. She and her family organize community blood drives throughout the Chicago area and highlight how blood donors and blood donations help save the lives of patients in our community and beyond.

“It is very important for eligible donors to donate,” says Taylor. “Every time you donate, you are potentially saving a life, a life like mine. I urge you to donate as frequently as possible, knowing there is a little kid out there waiting for you to help them.”

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