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Support our mission by donating your time and becoming a volunteer.

Volunteer for Versiti

At Versiti, we depend on each of our volunteers to bring new and unique levels of expertise to our donors and patients in the communities we serve.  Though our volunteers are a diverse group of individuals, they all share a personal commitment to give back to their community.  Their gift of time, talent and treasure makes our life-saving work possible.

Please choose which state you would like to volunteer in and register below.


Contact Maria Radomski in volunteer services to make a difference today.
Phone: (414) 937-6364 Email Volunteer: Apply Now


Versiti Blood Center of Michigan counts on volunteers to help save lives across Michigan.
Phone: (866) 642-5663 Email Volunteer: Apply Now

Volunteer Opportunities

When you volunteer with Versiti we will make every effort to place you in an area where your abilities and creative talents will shine. 

Volunteer Requirements

If you are 17+ years old, Versiti invites you to join our volunteer team.  As a volunteer, you play a major role in helping to achieve our mission of saving patient lives and maintaining the organization’s commitment to excellent customer service.  Every volunteer opportunity is important and every volunteer contributes in a special way.

Volunteer Contributions and Benefits

Without the many contributions, enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteer team, it would be impossible for Versiti to provide blood, blood products and the gift of life to patients in the communities we serve. 

Volunteer Benefits

As a Versiti volunteer you will experience the rewards that come with providing a positive impact in your community:

  • Working with an established and well-respected organization that helps save lives.
  • Using your skills and talents to bring meaning to the lives of those you touch through community service.
  • Working with highly trained and educated medical professionals.
  • Helping to supply the community with the essentials of life itself – blood, marrow, organ, tissue and eye donations.
  • Helping to advance patient care.
  • Recognizing you for your contributions at an annual volunteer appreciation event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Michigan
    • Administrative/Clerical
    • Data Entry
    • Aftercare/Platelet Ambassador
    • Registration Floating
    • Unit Prep/Care
  • Wisconsin
    • CafĂ©
    • Childcare
    • Clerical
    • Marrow
    • Warehouse/Snack Packing
    • Blood typing
    • Call Center
    • Gardeners (BRI)
    • Media Drives
    • Mobile Drives
    • Organ, tissue, eye

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