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Tami Kou

Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Phone: 414-937-6124 Email: tkou@versiti.org

Contact Center

Upcoming drives, donor eligiblity, or other related questions.
Phone: 877-232-4376 Email: donate.wi@versiti.org

Versiti has created a library of resources designed to meet the unique needs of the media. The following logos, images and video stories are available for use in stories related to Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin and Versiti. The images are provided for your convenience. In keeping with our brand policy, we request that they not be altered in any way. If you have additional needs, please contact Tami Kou at 414-937-6124.

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Versiti Corporate Office

Versiti Corporate Office


Updated Versiti Logo 2018

Versiti 4C Logo

Versiti 1C Black 600x394 Logo

Versiti 1C Black Logo

Versiti 1C White 600x394 Logo

Versiti 1C White Logo


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