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Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, MD, MS

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Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, MD, MS

Senior Medical Director, Hematology, Investigator

Senior Medical Director, Hematology
Versiti Medical Science Institute
Versiti Blood Research Institute

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Medical College of Wisconsin

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Dr. Baumann Kreuziger specializes in non-malignant hematology with an emphasis on patients with clotting and bleeding disorders.  Dr. Baumann Kreuziger is interested in the underlying mechanisms of thrombosis and optimal treatment strategies for patients with thrombosis.

She leads the Venous thromboEmbolism Network United States (VENUS). More information can be found here:

  • ACTIV-4 Clinical Trial Platforms
  • American Society of Hematology
  • Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study IV (REDS IV-P) (co PI-Mast)
  • INVENT Kickstarter Award

Stephanie Jones, MS, CCRC
Quality and Research Supervisor

Rae Janecke, CCRC
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Margaret Anderson
Clinical Research Coordinator

Joseph Sibley
Associate Clinical Research Coordinator

Shane Howe
Associate Clinical Research Coordinator

For a full list of Dr. Baumann Kreuziger's publications Click Here (Redirects to NCBI).

Selected Publications
Thrombosis & Hemostasis
We study the properties of blood that cause it to clot. Our findings help to treat diseases that cause blood clots or excessive bleeding.
VENUS thromboEmbolism Network U.S. (VENUS)
Versiti supports the clinical coordinating center for VENUS, which initiates and implements clinical trials and research projects for thrombotic disorders.
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