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Jackie Kaczynski - Platelet Recipient

Platelet Donation

Small but mighty, platelets are a precious, lifesaving resource. Learn more about saving lives through platelet donation.

What’s the platelet donation process? How frequently can I donate platelets? Find these answers and everything you need to know about volunteering to donate platelets below.


What is platelet donation?

Platelet donations are a special type of blood donation. Our blood is made up of different parts, also called components: red cells, plasma, and platelets. Of the three, platelets are considered a precious resource – not only do they make up a small fraction of our blood, but platelets only last for 5-7 days outside of the body. That means when a donor gets up after their donation, the platelets they leave behind will be used by a patient in a local hospital within the week.

How many platelet units do recipients need (on average)?

Donation Facts


Platelets are a component of blood that promotes clotting. They are named after their plate-like shape, and when activated, platelets develop sticky spikes that help them cluster together to seal off cuts and other wounds. Platelets are body’s natural bandages!

Platelets are incredibly important in a wide range of treatments for patients of all kinds, primarily warriors fighting cancer, premature babies, trauma victims, and those receiving organ or bone marrow transplants.

Platelets have a short lifespan and must be transfused within 5-7 days of donation! There is always a need for donors since these cells cannot be stockpiled.

Help save lives in your community. Become a volunteer platelet donor today!

Beacon Club Platelets

Earn exclusive rewards, and show your platelet pride through the Beacon Club Platelets.


Pledge with Platelet Promise

With every appointment, platelet donors make a promise to local patients—a promise of hope and healing. Make it official by signing up and committing to donate platelets 6 or 18 times in the coming year.


Every day, patients in your community need blood and platelet transfusions to survive and thrive. They rely on the generosity of donors like you, who help ensure a safe, healthy blood supply. Make an appointment to donate platelets today.

Explore donation opportunities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Versiti invites you to share your story and photo to help encourage more people to give back. You may even be featured throughout the year on our social media. Please complete the form below or contact us at if you have any questions.

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